Powerful Tips On Building Relationships

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS TIPSIt’s tough to make it on your own. The simple truth is, you need others to be successful. Although there are people who have been successful without the help of others, it’s rare, and it’s an uphill battle. Why go through that? Building relationships can get you where you want to go much quicker.

  1. It Takes Time

Don’t expect to have a great relationship with someone immediately. It takes time. You need to become familiar with others, and they need to become familiar with you. Just give it the time that it needs. Some people try to force relationships, and that never works.

  1. Don’t Take Shortcuts

If you try to take shortcuts to a better relationship, you will find that backfires on you. Sometimes it works, but most of the time other people will see right through what you are doing. You can’t buy true relationships, nor should you try. You want them to be genuine and long lasting.

  1. Don’t Just Use Online Resources

There are plenty of resources including social media that can help build relationships. Sometimes, these are the only ways to connect with people, due to geographic constraints, etc. However, it should not be used as your only means to build your relationships. Good old fashioned networking is going to go a long way in helping you with this. Don’t ignore it.

  1. Don’t Make It All About You

When you are building your relationships, if you make it all about you, those relationships won’t last very long. In fact, if you make it more about others, you will find people to be much more responsive. This builds your foundation for serious relationships that are sure to last. You will get what you want eventually by attending to the needs of others. This too is a reward in itself.

  1. Give Something to Get Something

The more you give, the more you will get in any relationship. People will respond positively when they see that you are not selfish and willing to go out of your way to help others. The great news is it will take little for those others to give you something when you need it. The best advice is to give way more than you get. You will know the people who take advantage of you in a negative way. You should try to keep your distance from these people.

  1. Find Common Interests
    People love to associate with others who are similar to themselves. Just think about your own Are you into sports? You find people who like sports. It could also be about politics and religion.While it’s good to align yourself with people who share your interests, you should not shun people who don’t. People who hold views or interests different than yours can provide a perspective you would never get without interacting with them. Keep an open mind.


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Reach out to people at work who you have never interacted with before. Do this at least once a month. Use the tips described above to build your relationships with them. Become interested in these people and find out what their likes and interests are.


Join a club that caters to your job or other interests. While you could do this online, it’s always better to interact with others face-to-face. You could do both if you’d like. No matter which club you join, make sure you make an effort to get involved. Try to get to the point where you are leading the group or club.


Do you have any relationships that are estranged? If so, think about ways you may be able to repair the relationship. Use these ways to try to make amends with the person or persons. Start by analyzing how the relationship became estranged in the first place.



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