DIY Adorable Easter Chick Keyring

How To Create an Adorable Easter Chick Keyring

Keyring accentuates our plain keys.  Keyring are usually made from plastic, metal or cloth materials.  Some are cartoon-inspired, some are names or acronyms, and some are simple objects seen anywhere.  Some people use keyrings since they are having a hard time finding their keys at times or this serves as a simple key organizer.  These are also good giveaway items during festive events and perfect as gifts, as well.  In this activity, we will be making an Easter-inspired chick keyring that you will surely love.  Let’s start making one now!

Step 1: Prepare all the materials needed for this tutorial:

  • 3 pieces craft felt (yellow, orange and red)
  • keyring
  • big sewing needle
  • scissors
  • 2 pieces crochet thread of different colors
  • craft felt fillings

How to Create an Adorable Easter Chick Keyring tools

Step 2: Cut a pair of egg shape or oblong shape from the yellow craft felt.

Step 3: Single thread the needle with an orange crochet thread.

Step 4: On a piece of egg-shaped felt, sew a pair of eye.  Sew two small cross stitches for each eye.

Step 5: Cut a small piece of rectangle with pointed ends.

Step 6: Fold the rectangle, aligning the pointed ends of it.  Sew this just below the eyes of the chick.  This will serve as the beak of the chick.

Step 7: Get the other piece of egg-shaped craft felt and align it at the back of the first one.  Sew the egg-shaped chick together using a blanket stitch.  Leave a small opening on the chick.

Step 8: Cut the craft felt fillings into tiny bits of pieces.

Step 9: Fill the chick with the craft felt fillings on the opening.

Step 10: Continue sewing the chick to seal it.

Step 11: Cut 4-6 centimeter long blue green crochet thread.

Step 12: Loop the end of this thread together.  This will be used to hang the chick egg.

 Step 13: Insert the looped blue green thread to the topmost part of the chick and permanently fix this to the chick by locking the main blanket stitch of the chick body.

Step 14: Cut a pair of wings and feet from the orange craft felt.

 Step 15: Sew the feet on the bottom part of the chick egg using a simple cross stitch.

Step 16: Sew the wings on both sides of the chick egg and use the same simple cross stitch on it.

 Step 17: Insert the keyring on the looped thread.

Step 18: Finally done!  You can now use this and place your keys on it.

How to Create an Adorable Easter Chick Keyring final craft

You can also use cotton as fillings to the chick egg.  If you want a funky chick, you can use other craft felt colors to it.  This is a perfect Easter gift for your loved ones.  This Easter chick keyring is simple yet adorable.  So make one for yourself and friends now!

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