DIY Charming Bunny Puppet

How To  Make A Charming Bunny Puppet

Kids love puppet shows and one way to impress them is to have it on an Easter party.  Most Easter parties have bunny mascots or bunny puppet shows.  But did you know that you can create a puppet show without the hassle of buying an expensive puppet or making a complicated puppet for that matter?  Let me teach you how to make one, in an easy and simple way.  The way that you can pull it out flawlessly, so let us start now!

Step 1: Prepare all the materials needed:

  • 4 pieces craft felt (yellow, blue, black and green)
  • crochet thread
  • big sewing needle
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • pattern paper
  • pencil

 Charming bunny puppet tools

Step 2:  Draw a rabbit body that fits your whole hand.  The thumb and the pinky finger will be the side hands of the bunny, while the index, middle and ring finger will form the body of the bunny.  Cut the pattern afterwards.

Step 3: Using the pattern, cut two pieces of these in a blue craft felt.

Step 4:  Cut a pair of bunny ears in the yellow craft felt.

 Step 5Sew the bunny ears on the green craft felt.  Use a running stitch in a single thread.

Step 6: Cut the sides of the bunny ears and leave a small border on the edge.

Step 7: Align the blue craft felt body and sew them together using running stitch.  Start on the side of it and make sire to leave the bottom part open.

Step 8:  Upon reaching the topmost part of the body, insert the pair of bunny ears in between the top and sew them together with the body.

 Step 9: Cut a pair of eyes, and mouth from the black craft felt and cut a nose from the yellow felt.  Hot glue the facial features of the bunny on the middle topmost part of the body.

 Step 10:  Finished!  You now have a charming bunny puppet ready for a show!

 Step 11: Wear the bunny puppet.  You can use this bunny puppet in an Easter show.

Charming bunny puppet final

You can make several of these, in different facial expressions and of different colors to better catch the attention of the kids.  Or better yet, you can make this with the kids and make this a bonding activity with them.  These will help them use their imagination, at the same time enjoy the art of puppetry.  Hope you like it!

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