DIY Colorful Paper Mache Easter Eggs

How To Make a Colorful Paper Mache Easter Eggs

Easters eggs are commonly seen during the season of Eastertide.  These eggs symbolize rebirth and fertility.  During the Easter season, Easter egg hunting is said to be the most popular game.  Different kinds of eggs are being used, and paper mache eggs are one of them.  These eggs help your imagination wander.  This maybe a time consuming activity, but this will produce perfectly cute results.  Let us begin making Easter eggs!

Step 1:  Prepare all the materials needed for this tutorial:

  • newspapers
  • white glue
  • bowl
  • water
  • paint brushes
  • acrylic paints
  • cutter
  • plastic egg
  • a pair of scissors

 How To Make a Colorful Paper Mache Easter Eggs - Tools

Step 2:  Pour a considerable amount of white glue on the bowl.

Step 3:  Pour water on the bowl.  The ratio of white glue to water should be 3:2.

Step 4:  Stir the mixture until homogenized.

Step 5:  Cut small strips of newspaper and put it on the glue mixture.

Step 6:  Completely submerge the newspaper strips on the mixture for a better mache mixture.

Step 7:  Completely cover the plastic eggs with the glued paper strips.  Continue doing this until you achieve the thickness of the mache layers.

Step 8:  Let the eggs dry for a day or two.  Observe that the eggs will be as hard as the rock once you complete the drying process

Step 9:  Using a cutter, carefully cut the mid section of the egg.

Step 10: Remove the egg mache on the egg plastic.

Step 11:  Cut a long strip of newspaper and use this to seal the egg mache together.  Use white glue for this.  Smoothen out the sides of the new strip, so that the sealer strip wouldn’t be obvious.  Let it dry for 5 to 6 hours.

Step 12: Paint the eggs.  Do a double coating for better results.

Step 13: Paint various designs on the egg.  This would depend on your preferred designs.

Step 14: Finally done!  You now have a paper mache Easter egg!

How To Make a Colorful Paper Mache Easter Eggs - Final

The colorful paper mache Easter eggs can be used as decoration, or as part of the Easter egg hunting game.  You can also put some treats inside (e.g. small chocolates or gummy bears), that will surely make these eggs more inviting to kids.  The creativity of the kids is also challenged in this activity, since they get to put some designs on the egg after.  So what are you waiting for?  Start this fun-filled activity now!

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