DIY Cute Bunny Goodie Bag

How To Make a Cute Bunny Goodie Bag

During Easter season, events are being held everywhere to celebrate the glorious event.  Kids, at the same time, accumulate candies, chocolate, small toys, eggs, etc.  They now need a small pouch to accommodate everything.  Goodie bags are perfect buddies for the said occasion.  They can also be given with special treats inside during the party.  The kids would love this since this pouch is bunny-shaped.  If you want a good party idea, try this one!

Step 1: Gather all the materials needed:

  • 3 pieces craft felt (yellow, purple and pink)
  • crochet thread
  • big sewing needle
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • chocolate treats

How To Make a Cute Bunny Goodie Bag - Tools needed

Step 2:  Cut the purple craft felt into two equal lengths.  This will be the body of the goodie bag.

Step 3:  Curve the bottom part of the rectangular felt.  Do this for both.

Step 4:  Starting from the middle side of the rectangular felt, sew the two felts together to form a pouch.  Follow the U-direction in sewing the pouch and leave the half, topmost part of it.

Step 5:  Cut a pair of bunny ears from the pink craft felt.

Step 6:  Place the pink bunny ears on top of the unsewn, topmost part of the pouch.  Sew the bunny ears on the front purple layer using a running stitch.

Step 7:  Cut the purple felt in between the ears.  Do this for both purple felt layers.

Step 8:  Double thread the needle and loop the end of it.  This will serve as the main thread that closes the goodie bag.

Step 9:  Run a big running stitch just below the rabbit ears or above the blanket sewn pouch.  Do this on the upper purple layer first.

Step 10:  Do the same thing on the back of the pouch.  Take note that before making a big running stitch on the back, leave a considerable length of thread on the end sides of the pouch.

Step 11:  Form a loop on the end of the excess sides of the thread.

Step 12:  Do the loop on the other side of the thread, as well.  This should look like this.

Step 13:  Cut the eyes and the mouth from the yellow craft felt and cut the eyeballs, nose and front teeth from the pink craft felt.  Hot glue the facial features of the rabbit.

Step 14:  Place all your chocolate treats on the goodie bag

 Step 15:  Pull the side threads to close the bunny pouch and you are now good to go.

How To Make a Cute Bunny Goodie Bag - final

The kids will surely love this cute bunny goodie bag filled with yummy treats.  You can place different treats inside, it can be chocolates, gummy bears, lollipops, etc.  You can make several bunny pouches and give this as gifts on Easter day.  Hope you like it!

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