DIY Dog’s Feet & Nails Care

How To Easily Clean Your Dog’s Feet And Cut Their Nails

Dog grooming is normally handled by professionals.  It takes a lot of patience to groom dogs since they need to be comfortable while you are grooming them, you must also know how to adjust based on their preferred position.  Cleaning the paw and cutting the excess hairs around it, plus cutting the nails are part of the usual grooming routine.  At times when we don’t have enough money to keep our pooches well-groomed, we tend to let their hairs and nails grow, which is not a good for them hygienically speaking.

Today, we will prove to you that you can clean your dog’s feet and cut their nails easily.  Don’t feel bad if you don’t get it right the first time. Always remember that your dog would definitely prefer you over the groomer since you are their master.  So let us begin this tutorial!

Step 1:    Gather all the materials needed:

  • pet clipper/pet razor
  • a pair of haircutting scissor
  • slicker brush
  • plier-style nail cutter

 How To Easily Clean Your Dog's Feet And Cut Their Nails - tools required

Step 2:    Put your pet dog in a comfortable position on top of a plain grooming table.

Step 3:    Brush the hair on the dog’s legs all the way down to the feet using a slick brush.  This will remove unwanted mats on the dog’s coat.

Step 4:    Brush the hair of the legs towards the tip of the nails of the dog.  This will determine how long we will cut or groom the feet of the dog.

Step 5:    Razor the hair of the dog’s foot.  This should be done from the tip all the way up to the desired level or just below the joint of the dog’s leg.

Step 6:  Cut the unreachable hairs on each of the dog’s claw.

Step 7:  Slightly put some pressure on the paws so that the claws would pop-out and the unwanted hair can be removed by cutting.

Step 8:  Brush the trimmed leg towards the tip of the nails.

Step 9:  Hold the brushed hairs on the trimmed leg.

Step 10:  Cut the excess hairs to form a straight cut for a cleaner look.

Step 11:  Carefully cut the nails on each claw.  Make sure to observe the proper length to be cut since it is not advisable to cut the nails of the dog in full length since this might cause bleeding if not properly performed.

Step 12:  Perform the same steps on the next front foot of the dog.

Step 13:  Do the same trimming and cutting of nails at the back legs.  Make sure that the dog is still comfortable in their position.  You must be flexible enough to adjust your position rather than the dog adjusting to you.

Step 14:  Tada!  You now have clean feet and properly cut nails on your pampered pooch!

How To Easily Clean Your Dog's Feet And Cut Their Nails - final

You can do this every month or twice a month.  This dog maintenance should be done especially for dogs who love to walk or run outdoors in bare feet.  Or if your dog is wearing dog shoes, it is proper to maintain their nails in a certain length to avoid discomfort whenever they use them.  Hope this saves you an extra penny and at the same time helps you bond with your furry pal!

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