DIY Festive Rope Wrapped Easter Basket

How To Create a Festive Rope Wrapped Easter Basket

Easter egg hunting is a fun-filled activity for kids.  Eggs if various kinds are hidden in different ambiguous locations.  As part of the yearly tradition, the kids normally bring a basket, in which the child can carry the eggs that he or she can gather.  Easter baskets come in handy as soon as the game starts.  In this tutorial, we will be making a fun and easy rope wrapped Easter basket for your kids!  Let’s begin making one!

Step 1: Prepare all the materials needed for this tutorial:

  • medium plastic container
  • thin plastic rope
  • hot glue
  • newspapers
  • yellow paint
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • blue tape
  • plastic eggs

How To Create a Festive Rope Wrapped Easter Basket - Tools required

Step 2:  Hot glue the end of the plastic rope on the extreme lower body of the plastic container

Step 3: Wrap the plastic rope around the plastic container.  Continue gluing every 3 to 5 centimeters on the first row of the plastic rope.  This will secure the rope from moving unexpectedly on the container body.

Step 4:  Continue wrapping the container with the rope upwards.  Make sure that you don’t leave any spaces in between.

Step 5:  Once the end of the rope is reached and you are satisfied with the height of the rope, hot glue the end of it on the container body.

Step 6:  Cut three strips of newspaper.  This will be the handle of the Easter basket later.

Step 7:  Twine each of the strips firmly.

Step 8:  Align the three twined newspapers and tape one end of it firmly.

Step 9:  Tightly braid the three twined newspapers together.

Step 10:  Tape the end one you are done braiding it.

Step 11:  Cover the working table with a newspaper spreadsheet.

Step 12:  Paint the braided newspaper.  Double coat it if you are not satisfied with the results.

Step 13:  Let it dry for an hour.

Step 14:  Cut the excess part of the braided handle.

Step 15:  Hot glue the braided handle on the container body.  Let it dry after.

Step 16:  Place all the plastic eggs on the basket.

Step 17: Done!  You can now use your rope wrapped Easter basket!

How To Create a Festive Rope Wrapped Easter Basket - Completed

You are now ready for Easter egg hunting with your handy rope wrapped Easter basket.  You can have this together with your friends and family.  This is easy to make and a very reliable basket, as well.  Hope you make one before the egg hunting begins!  Enjoy!

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