DIY Sweet Easter Egg Chocolate Tree

How To Make a Sweet Easter Egg Chocolate Tree

Who doesn’t love chocolates?!  Chocolates make us happy and give us pleasure.  It boosts up our energy since it gives us a sugar boost.  Easter gatherings calls for some fun and for events like this, chocolates can be considered as a treat, especially for the kids and the kids at heart.  Here in this tutorial, we will be making a sweet décor for your Easter Day feast, so let us start making now!

Step 1: Prepare all the materials needed for this tutorial:

  • cardboard
  • toilet paper roll
  • hot glue
  • a pack of egg-shaped chocolates
  • scissors

How to Make a Sweet Easter Egg Chocolate Tree tools

Step 2: Form the cardboard into a cylinder cone.  Hot glue the ends.

Step 3: Cut the cone into your desired height.

Step 4: Hot glue the toilet paper roll at the bottom of the cardboard cone.

Step 5:  (egg choco tree photo 5)  Stick the egg chocolate on the bottom part of the cone first.  This should be oriented in a slanting manner to get better results.

Step 6: Continue doing this until you totally cover the cone all the way to the top of the cardboard tree.  Make sure to alternately glue the egg chocolate pieces based on the colors of their wrapper to make it more appealing to the kids or the visitors.

Step 7: Cut the pointed end of the tree cardboard using a pair of scissors.

Step 8: Carefully insert one egg-shaped chocolate on the topmost hole made in step 7.  Hot glue this topmost egg chocolate.

Step 9: Finally done!  You can now display your sweet Easter egg chocolate tree in your tabletop.

How to Make a Sweet Easter Egg Chocolate Tree final

You can make several chocolate trees of different heights and colors.  This would be perfect tabletop décor if you have accumulated more egg-shaped chocolates with colorful wrappers.  Making an Easter egg chocolate tree is a fun activity; just make sure that you can resist the chocolates while making it.  Enjoy and have fun with your friends and family!

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